My mini bride | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Sitting here trying to blog and watching Netlix at the same time is not working for me. I can’t think of anything to write. lol
Here’s my Cindy playing dress up a couple weeks ago. We forgot her veil at home but she liked the flower wreath I made her =) Enjoy !

10 years…and many more | New Orleans,LA Photographer

Last month, I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family in City Park. It has been 10 years since they got married, & now with 2 adorable kids. I say it’s perfect…what more can you ask for? Uyen & Son are such good kids with good manners and they get along soo well. { unlike me & my brother when we were their age lol }

I’ve been waiting so long to post these pictures since she didn’t want anyone to see them until after her anniversary.

Happy 10 years anniversary anh Thanh & chi Truc!! Chuc anh chi Tram nam hanh phuc !! =D

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