Baby Avery | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Finally got to meet Avery. She is so so cute ! Very alert and happy. Avery’s also very lucky to have such great loving parents. Congrats Jen & Paul !

Click to see their Maternity Session


M&C + Madelyn & Mason | New Orleans, LA Photographer

When Marie first contacted me back in December for some Family Christmas Portraits, I was booked. She wanted some new pictures of her 2 adorable kids so we decided January will be best. We didn’t have the nicest weather (windy & chilly) but we made the best out of it. We did most of the session in their beautiful home..and here are some from our session. Enjoy !

We then headed outdoor for some pictures… they braved the cold winds. *brrrrr*

K & C + Theodore | New Orleans, LA Photographer

This little man knows exactly how to pose. He’s such a natural at this!!

After many cancellations due to weather, we finally decided on a date, and it turned out beautifully. I had so much fun hanging out with this family a few weeks ago. Take a look at their family session in City Park down below >>>>>>>>

My last post of the year. Welcome 2014 !!! Happy New Years everyone !!!

The Tran Family | Charlotte, NC Photographer

I met up with Chi Lynn’s family at Freedom Park last weekend for their family Christmas session. Didn’t know what I was thinking but I arrived an hour early, thinking that our session was at that time. lol.. So I walked around and check out the park while waiting =) love this place too !!! Gotta say Charlotte has some great scenery for pictures… might have to travel up here more often.

They arrived on time and ready to smile for the camera. I love that they love taking pictures =) Mom coordinate their clothes so well too. Good job Chi Lynn !

Lots of hugs, smiles and kisses. Enjoy !!

Aaron & his baby sister, Arianna | New Orleans, LA Photographer

[Taken in Charlotte, NC]

When I first announced that I was going to be back in Charlotte to visit some friends, Chi Cam contacted me right away and asked if I can do a session for her family. How can I say No? She’s got such a beautiful family…and plus it’s Autumn in Charlotte ❤ ❤

They brought all kinds of props to the session …and we had so much fun ! Enjoy their session below =)

lol Aaron’s face…..not interested.

Model alert !!!

Aaron’s had enough of his baby sister…he’s putting her up for sale. haha =D

We also did a few Christmas portraits indoors..but I’ll save that til Christmas just in case mom & dad wants to use them for Christmas cards =)

Here’s a before & after for those that are interested =)

J & N Family {part 1} | New Orleans, LA Photographer

This is probably one of my favorite sessions to date ! We had perfect lighting & a happy baby = happy parents = great pictures = happy photographer hehehe =) Lisandro was just all smiles throughout our session. Every time he stops, we all began singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!” He would get all excited with his big ole smile again.. Toooo adorable !

Soo many good ones from this family session , it’s hard for me to narrow them down. And plus my computer at home is acting up so I havent been able to edit the second part =| Here’s some of my favorites . Enjoy !!

I’ll post the second part with Lisandro and his cake smash …veryyy cute. Be sure to check back soon!

Thank you Nadia & Joseph for choosing me to photograph your family. My mini assistant, Cindy and I enjoy every moment of it =)

Colston {17 months old} | New Orleans, LA Photographer

This family drove in from Biloxi for their family photoshoot. We had to reschedule twice already, so the rain didn’t stop us from taking pictures this past Sunday. Luckily it only rained for 10 minutes (My prayers were answered).

What a great family I got to meet!!! C is so lucky to have such loving parents. He even have his own luggage of all kinds of outfits for the day. Too bad we only had time for a few. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t get a smile out of this cutie though . LoL maybe I wasn’t funny enough =|

Click image to enlarge !!

HAHA That face! “Who’s this lady that keeps running after me?”

We then headed over to a different part of City Park, the sun decided to come out for our second half of the session. yay!

Colston’s mom is so talented. She made all kinds of cute bow-ties ( but of course, I picked this one because blue is one of my favorite color ^_^ )

Sitting in a basket is no FUN ! *so he hurry up and climbed out once daddy put him down. lol*


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H & K Family | New Orleans, LA Photographer

This is my best friend’s sister and her beautiful family. I’m so glad I get to photograph them while I was back in North Carolina last week. Such a short session due to the heat and mosquitoes, but we had some great shots. Enjoy !! { CLick picture to enlarge }

The twins have such different personalities but are equally oh soooo CUTE !!

Their 3 big brothers are all very handsome too ! Chi Huong is so blessed with 5 great kids =)

Beautiful mama with her girls

And boys will be boys. . . =)

Selena turns 1 | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Let me warn you first, this blog post will be FULL of pictures ! heheh =)

I’ve never done a session in just 1 location/backdrop … but I love it this time! We were lucky enough to have this cute pathway right across the street from their sister’s house.

I’ve known this lovely family ever since I moved to Charlotte in 2005 and we’ve been so close since. When Hanh asked me to take pictures for her Daughter’s first birthday, of course I said yes! She is such a happy baby and obviously the camera loves her =) And since we dont get to see each other very much, we shot some family pictures, and some of Angela. Enjoy !

Big sister, Angela, loves her baby sister so much. You can already tell by way she looks at her. *sweet*

Their cousins, Vincent & Victor got a few shots too =) * so cute *

& my little princess with “chi. Hi'” =D