My mini bride | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Sitting here trying to blog and watching Netlix at the same time is not working for me. I can’t think of anything to write. lol
Here’s my Cindy playing dress up a couple weeks ago. We forgot her veil at home but she liked the flower wreath I made her =) Enjoy !

Nam & Bi {Engagement} | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Nam & Bi came in from Florida for a friend’s wedding and stayed a few extra days to take their engagement pictures. We chose City Park for our session because it’s such a beautiful place with lots of scenery. It was a cloudy day with no sun, but thank goodness, no rain either.

Another sweet and fun couple I get to work with. Yay ! ❤ ❤ ❤ Bi is very sweet & creative. She brought along flowers, hearts confetti, cutout letters… all that good stuff. And Nam, on the other hand, loves to make jokes and made the session so fun & easy.One thing this couple had in common was the love for each other. And you can tell just by looking at their pictures.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this journey in your life !! Congratulations B&N !!! ^_^

Special thanks to Bi’s friend, Ngoc, for assisting with out shoot ! ^_^

Selena turns 1 | New Orleans, LA Photographer

Let me warn you first, this blog post will be FULL of pictures ! heheh =)

I’ve never done a session in just 1 location/backdrop … but I love it this time! We were lucky enough to have this cute pathway right across the street from their sister’s house.

I’ve known this lovely family ever since I moved to Charlotte in 2005 and we’ve been so close since. When Hanh asked me to take pictures for her Daughter’s first birthday, of course I said yes! She is such a happy baby and obviously the camera loves her =) And since we dont get to see each other very much, we shot some family pictures, and some of Angela. Enjoy !

Big sister, Angela, loves her baby sister so much. You can already tell by way she looks at her. *sweet*

Their cousins, Vincent & Victor got a few shots too =) * so cute *

& my little princess with “chi. Hi'” =D