Juliet turns 1 | New Orleans, LA Photographer

I still think my favorite subjects to shoot are 1-year-olds. Those first baby steps, the tiny features, the innocent look, all their different expressions, just everything.

We did Juliet’s 1-yr portrait & cake smash last weekend before the storm (Isaac) hits… and the weather was just beautiful ! {Didnt think we’d be evacuating the day after lol}

Here’s a look at our session!

-so peaceful-

Shy at first

If all babies were as happy and easy as her, my job would be so much easy =)

“Look at that funny photographer behind the camera Momma!” No more being shy ^_^

One of my FAV. Too stinkin’ cute !

“Made just for me!”

“Hey look! There’s a cupcake!”

My first time ever doing (cup)cake smash..so much fun !!! A must for every 1-year Portrait sessions!!

Anne, you have such an adorable little girl ! Thanks you guys for a fun evening ! =)


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