(Sneak Peek) Tammy & Grace | Charlotte, NC Photographer

I had a mini session with Tammy and her daughter, Grace, at our nearby park the other day. The weather was beautiful thank goodness.. (the weekend before was soo ugly, cold and rainy). It was fun even though it took us a while before Grace got warm to me . (all thanks to a little treat ^_^ )

I love this job !!!!
Doing what i love to do
and making new friends along the way. *smiles* ^_^

MORE to come . . . . . .

Vincent & Victor’s Birthday

One of our close friends had a birthday for both of her boys AND a housewarming..all in one day. (10.10.10) The weekend before was a busy one..with all the bds/ portrait shoot/ & engagement party, all in one day. Finally had a break. Mountain trip is our next mission this coming Sunday. (lived here for 4 1/2 years but never actually been to the mountain before..it’s gonna be exciting !)

I love photographing her sons.. (My mini models ) They’re soooo cute ❤

Mama & her baby boy

Victor turns 1

Vincent turns 3

I LOVE this little guy .. Tuan Hung… He’s sooo silly. Always making us laugh.

and last but not least…
My princess ❤

Kim Ngo (sneak peek) | Charlotte, Nc Photographer

I’m so behind on everything!!! So many things to do, but so little time.
I had a shoot with Kim last weekend..and guess where we went?
I found this beautiful field of purple flowers …but..it was in the middle of a highway. I asked Kim if she wanted to do it..and she said YES ! ( Im so glad she did !! )
I wanted to do this shoot at sunrise (because i thought there wouldn’t be as many cars as sunset) so she woke up at 5:30AM to get ready. You wouldn’t know it was 55 degrees out. (She is such a trooper.)

more to come…

Vicky & Quang Engagement Party | Charlotte, NC Photographer

Here are pictures from last week’s engagement party. comments are welcome ! Enjoy ! =)

LOOK at this centerpiece! Isn’t it gorgeous ? (Thanks Joey for the idea for this picture) It’s a white pumpkin with a heart shape carved in the middle.. and there’s a Cinderella glass slipper inside. Very unique & cute . All thanks to the groom’s sister.

All the pretty ladies in Ao Dai

& their pretty little toes =)

TWIN GIRLS!!! ahhh !! They’re sooo adorable!

Bride gives mom-in-law a hug

They said that all brides are the happiest on their wedding day. It’s not her wedding day yet and look how happy she is !!! ^_^ i wonder how she’ll feel when her big day comes .

Vicky & Quang Engagement | Charlotte, NC Photographer

My first time doing an event like this. Scary? yes. Nervous? YES!!.. but im glad i did it, and i had a lot of fun.
I couldnt sleep the day before the event.. it kinda felt like the day before my wedding. lol . I thought about all the things i could shoot..but when im actually there, my mind just went blank. Everything was so fast paced .. Thank goodness I was able to capture some good moments. Thanks Thuy for your online help. check out her website : http://www.thuytranphotography.com/ ..

Thanks V&Q for having me there . You guys rock ! Congratulations !

Sneak Peek .

i knoe the crop is not right on this one but it’s a cute picture of them. =)

come back for more updates ^_^

Charlotte, NC Portrait Photographer

I’m backkkk! Finally updating this blog after months of laziness. =/ Birthdays, wedding, housewarming, bachelorette…one after another. I still have bunches of pictures to edit (been working extra hours til the AM ) but let’s give my eyes a little rest now..
I can’t wait til this weekend to take the kids to the pumpkin patch..then wedding, halloween, our BIRTHDAYS, 1 week vacation back home. Busy month i must say. I JUST CANNOT WAIT !

Here are a few pics from past portrait sessions that i havent been able to post.