Trang | Charlotte, NC photographer

Went out for a shoot yesterday despite the cloudy weather. We had planned this for months and months but finally have the time to do it. 1/2 an hour after we got there, it turned ugly so we didnt get much out of the day .. but here are my favs.

First “real” attempt at OCF after spending so much time researching . i think i did ok, still learning how to work it..waiting for my bracket to come in =)

Summer Fun | Charlotte, NC photographer

I cut my daughter’s hair 2 days ago and she loved it. (Kept staring in the mirror and touching her hair..she’s a teen trapped in a toddler’s body i tell ya.. lol )

She’s my favorite model. I realized my dream all because of her ❤

I just learned a new technique for post-processing ..what do you think?

She chose her own nail polish.. soo girly.